▲ Winter Soulstice ▲

▲ Winter Soulstice ▲ Today is the welcoming of the longest day of the year where the light + dark marry to share space in time. It is a time to tune in, slow down, meditate on all past seasons have brought to us, what we brought to them + reflect on all the wisdom gained. A time to hibernate with ourselves + loved ones in gratitude for this life, our breath, our rise + shine + our slumber. Give yourself a sacred ritual, even a short one, to be at one with yourself with closed eyes to ponder the paths you carved out, quiet your mind, put your hand to your heart + give thanks to your innate tranquility wherever you are on your journey. There is a time to rally + a time to rest. Take this symbolic season to be ever present to yourself + your kindred. Happy Holidays to you + yours + may the balance be with you. || my beautiful muse Natasha || ▲ @ngrayy