♀◯♀ Full Moon in Cancer :: Embrace Yourself ♀◯♀ 12JAN17


♀◯♀ Full Moon in Cancer :: Embrace Yourself :: Full Moons activate the most vulnerable places in our being. This moonlight powerfully shines on the shadows we would rather avoid. The gift is in the act of courageous illuminations. An idea of something we fear is often far more frightening than the reality + this revelation is the key to unlock fear, all our fears. Take your proverbial flashlight + shine white light onto those agitated, angry, desperate places of yourself + wait + watch the healing occur. The very act of facing the darkness dispels its power over us. My moon is in Cancer + I had to master this at a very young age. It creates the warrioress. I now welcome the inevitable obstacles, confrontations, shifts + changes so that I can conquer the lesson to receive the gift of courage. Accepting the ebb is a crucial piece of acquiring peace. To marinate in a negative situation + wish it were any different just keeps the suffering alive, instead awaken the sage within you that knows better + the phoenix that always rises. ↠ FEMINASAGA.COM ♀◯♀