♀ New Moon in Libra :: What a beautiful feel this New Moon has. I would expect nothing less from Libra. It is may also be bringing forth some tensions where you sense you need more balance in your life. After all the symbol of Libra is the scales representing  the peace that can be derived from equilibrium. And this is a worthy ambition. It is so challenging at times to feel there as if there is enough time in each day to conquer all of our chores + responsibilities, let alone your careers or our creative ventures. Throw motherhood into this + you are bound to be fraught with expectations not being met, frustrations, impatience + exhaustive burnout. This day + the next few days focus on observing where you need to achieve more balance within your life + create more order. Make changes to elicit more flow + ease at work + at home. Take time to nourish NOW. Take a day off if possible or even a few hours to do anything that ignites your soul. As my great friend often says ‘energy flows where attention goes’ so if you’re run down + overwhelmed you will only create more of that until you stop that story + rewrite it. You know how good it feels when you’re inspired + you’re positively conspiring with others to spend time together, create more collaborations, art, peace, or projects that your ultimate dreams lead you to. Cut the cord with anything or anyone that isn’t serving you or your highest aspirations. Take note of when you spend time with someone — do they leave you uplifted or drained? Ask the same question regarding how you handle your work or home responsibilities. My wise husband always says, ‘don’t work hard, work smart.’ This New Moon is a powerful time to ponder where you need to make changes so your everydays feel like an exciting challenge + not a daunting task you couldn’t complete yesterday. This moon’s mantra :: I release obstacles + invite harmony to flow in all areas of my life.