I have always been an abstract artist and recently began challenging myself to master the art of form. I love nothing more than a pregnant woman, which illuminates the ultimate beauty of a woman, her strength, her potential, her love and her hope.

The first image is me in Mammoth teaching my Love to fly fish when I was seven months pregnant with my Sage Moon.

The second, is a gradual visual progression of my form project to completion on my first big canvas, painting in acrylic on canvas.

Art is a way of the soul, a moving melody of passion and insight, a meditation of surreality to convey feeling. Like all of life we should do one thing everyday, every week, every month and every year that challenges our potential and overcomes a fear. This one took me three months…


photo 2

photo 1




Looking to fall in love…with yourself? One on one inspiration to activate anahata अनाहत (heart chakra) energy in your private life? Or are you a creative soul struggling to improve performance and manifestation with your audience? Then I introduce you to a wonderful gentlemen, Lee Konecke.

What I love most about my friend Lee, is that the first time I met him, he not only possesses a kind, conscious gentle spirit but his intelligence and wisdom in the matters of truth, mind and heart are so very aligned and illuminated.

We could have spoken for days that first introduction. Few have the courage to be as emotionally intelligent as he does. And I’m so happy he has made it his vocation to share it with others.

To learn more and schedule some self love and inspiration visit him at http://www.leekonecke.com/