Libra is an interesting zodiac sign. It represents the scales of justice, balance, beauty, and harmony. It symbolizes the polarities in and around us. When we find that supreme balance of accord, we shine, we embrace the deep true feeling of connectedness and oneness within ourselves and among others. When it is weighing an imbalance we feel out of sorts, disconnected and in a land of suffering be it big or small.

This New Moon in Libra asks us to look within for where the war and peace within us and around us is for us at this time. Where is there discord? Where is there tranquility? Delve into a meditation looking deeply, profoundly at this and the answers will rise. Answer them with action. Make a conscious call to the universe to set what feels wrong right, what feels right to multiply.

The beauty of this Libra New Moon is that it falls quite symbolically in tune with our Autumn Equinox. The time of year where light and dark are even, balanced. Ask yourself how you can find and maintain this delicate, but oh so powerful blend of your light and shadow. Perfection is non-existent, there are only varying degrees of peace and pain.

Walk your tight rope of equanimity and you will find the way to maintain balance is to keep looking up, honor what’s been, but always, always look up to manifest what you desire most.










I love Pinterest. I love perusing the practical and zany creations for making art. Everyday I have an art project for my 3 year old set up after I pick her up from school. A fun adventure in creating together. Last week we put to the test one I’ve been wanting to try for a long time–melting crayons on canvas. She and I LOVED it. And what’s great is it actually works and each time you do it it’s unique. Here goes if you’re feeling creative!:



First things first. Get a canvas. Any size.


Get a glue gun.


Buy a package of glue sticks (they run out fast)


Buy crayons. More than you think you’ll need. Your littles will always use them + I underestimated the amount I would need + ended up getting creative. You’ll see…


Heat the glue gun. One by one, glue the crayons across the top. Again, I didn’t buy enough so when in doubt, I use colored feathers. I also added a cool die cut peace sign. Because you can’t go wrong with a feathers + peace signs.


Place the canvas on an easel, indoor or out. Wherever a hair dryer will reach. Plug the dryer in, set it to low and high heat. Angle it down. You’ll fin the best placement for wax to drip the way you’re wanting it to.


And voilà! After about 30 minutes (depending on how many crayons you’ve glued + the size of the canvas, you have a rad art piece!


A final art layout of all the steps!



If you’ve felt strange or off for the last week you have this full moon in Pisces to thank. If you’ve felt strangely unmotivated and even lethargic rest assured it’s the weight of this water sign pulling on you. It’s tugging at your seams to inspire a bit of playful spontaneity.

The mantra of this moon is to abandon your to do list and delve into the mysteries of the universe. Forget those nagging thoughts of all the simple things you have to do and rather consciously say ‘fuck it’ and hightail it to the beach or go on a sunset hike or take an indulgent bath, or better yet, do all three.

How often do we trudge through, which feels like running in water to our tasks and errands? All too often. And this surprisingly forceful Pisces moon just won’t let you. I know you’ve tried and I’m sure you’ve felt the effects of just not wanting to–the blase feeling and enormous effort even the smallest movement in a goal oriented direction it’s taking. So stop. Blast your favorite tunes, get in the driver’s seat and go for a long drive, even if you don’t know where you’re going. This is also a beautiful metaphor for life–with the culmination of the last full moon to this one, certain things may have not panned out the way you intended and that’s ok. It’s life.

Get comfortable with the nameless emotions that sometime arise out of the abyss and remember it’s Pisces whispering ‘come down and rest with me, be free me and let go’.

C’est la vie to the ‘should’s’ during these three days and love yourself with all the things you ‘shouldn’t’ be doing. It will pass quickly and you will have wished you did.