This new moon in Scorpio call us to encounter our avoidance of the darkness and get comfortable with it. In a quiet, dark room sit or lay and close your eyes. Perhaps gather a few sacred stones for intuition and inspiration, amethyst for third eye insight, rose quartz to embrace the heart chakra. Sit very still, eyes open, absorbing the darkness. Let your mind go, breathe deeply, when the random wild thoughts thoughts cease and they will, tune in. See if there’s is a theme with the thoughts. Ask yourself what frightens you about the dark, not just the visceral dark but also the symbolic shadow of fear you’re holding onto in your body and mind. Delve into your fears; what are the thoughts that make you fearful? Unhealthiness? A phobia? A relationship giving anxiety? Future fears? Failure? Self sabotage? Go deep. If it’s uncomfortable you’re onto something. Keep following the thoughts to the root. Where does it stem from? Where did it originate? Once the solar plexus fear is felt and allowed to be, then and only then can it dissolve. Allow yourself to go there as long as it takes. You will find answers, you will hear your own inner guide not only protecting you but also giving you vast insight and knowledge into how to better the fear, fears. I promise if you sit with it and delve into your own abyss you will enter a path that leads to freedom from these feelings. You will have not only hope but also excitement on how to breakthrough to the other side. You will find symbols in your dreams. Part of delving into the dark is asking to be reborn. To shed a skin of old programmed fears, some subconscious, and some conscious. Your body and mind will feel lighter.

This is a powerful new moon for women; it is the proverbial astrological time of the Phoenix rising within. A time for women to embrace their darkness and then soar to the truth of their innate rite femininity—receptivity, nurturing, compassion for oneself and others. Own your fire. Take three deep breaths and imagine like a dragon, fire spewing from your lungs extinguishing any anguish, shame, fear, insecurity and doubt. Stand in the darkness, take warrior two pose, aim your right arm to the universe and looking over your hand, hold space like the fierce warrioresss you are, calling out your fears and then abolishing them with new intentions. Repeat, I am truth. I am strong. I am courageous. I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am powerful. Come to prayer position, take a deep breath, sigh it out. And fall asleep with a smile on your face and a wish upon your heart.



Feng Shui + The Five Elements


There are five elements that are used in feng shui to help create balance in your living or working environment. Placing water, metal, wood, fire, and earth into your home helps to ensure a holistic and harmonious atmosphere. If you look around you now, you will see that everything is made up of one or a combination of these five elements. If you notice that one element is more domineering than the rest, then it is necessary to learn how to balance it out by using another element. You can do this in one of several ways by referring to the elements list and chart below. You will see that each element has a correlating color, texture, sound, season, direction, smell, and shape that may be used to express it in your space. The exciting part of working with the five elements is that there are innumerable ways to introduce them into your spatial energy.

Because the five elements are born from nature, they have the ability to create and destroy. Understanding how these two cycles work is especially important when you are feng shui-ing a specific room that might have domineering element already present. For example, you would not want to add too much of the fire element in a bathroom because it consists of primarily the water element (toilet, shower/bath and sink), and as we know, water extinguishes fire. If you added too much fire to this type space, it would feel imbalanced and would create an imbalance in this space. Another example is in the kitchen area, it’s not wise to add more of the fire element to this space because the stove is a large representation of this element. Too much of the fire element in a particular space causes extreme temperatures and you would be most likely feel agitated or impatient when you are working in this area. Please study the explanations below to better understand the creation and destruction cycles.

The most important thing to remember is to trust your instincts so that you feel sensually invigorated and pleased with your surroundings. Go get creative and start balancing the five elements in your space!

Cycle of Creation and Destruction:

The Cycle of Creation

  • Wood burns and creates or sustains Fire
  • Fire burns and leaves ash, which creates Earth
  • Earth applies pressure to particles, which creates Metal
  • Metal attracts moisture, which creates Water
  • Water feeds and nourishes Wood

The Cycle of Destruction

  • Wood consumes Earth
  • Earth stops Water
  • Water puts out Fire
  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal, when shaped into an ax or saw, chops down Wood

Elements Chart

Element Shape Color* Texture Direction Smell Sound Season
Fire Triangle Red Rough South Bitter Cymbals Summer
Earth Square Terra Cotta Firm Center Floral, musk, sweet Drums May, September
Metal Circle Reflective, white, gold, copper,
Smooth, slippery West Acrid Xylophone, piano Fall
Water Wavy undulating lines Black, blue Open weave North Ethereal Harp, violin Winter
Wind Rectangle Green Grainy East Minty Reeds, horns Spring
This chart comes from Nancilee Wydra’s book Feng Shui and How to Look Before You Love


* When you see that a particular color correlates with a specific element, know that it can be any shade within that color. For example, the color red represents the fire element. Pink, mauve, and maroon are just a few examples of the shades, tones, and hues that red covers. If you wanted to add the fire element, but only subtlety, then add it by choosing a softer shade of pink and vice versa. To learn more or to schedule a consultation near or far please visit




This is a beautifully, powerful introspective few days for us. And it can literally make us feel full—full of love, fear, and doubt, or whatever has been residing within our subconscious and consciousness since the last full moon. It is a sacred time to get still, quiet, pensive about our shadow, which often times appears in others and that to which we have a reaction to. Observe your observations of others.

This planetary time is about relationships, relationships, relationships. First and foremost to ourselves and then the painful and empowering sorting of those toxic ones we need to cut loose. Meditate on who, why and what you need to release from your life. Many people are fearful of this but I know since I was a young girl it’s been the empowerment to my warrioress self—to first, define our boundaries, then if needed asking politely if they have been trespassed and then abandoned if all courses of action have been exhausted, leaving you exhausted wishing, aching for peace. Authentic peace sometimes must arise from leaving a relationship, a friendship, not embarking on the insanity wheel of doing the same things in different ways and expecting something to change. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

As I’ve grown older if I have to even have a conversation with someone explaining something that should be an innate match to my moral compass, for example why stealing from my home is outrageous or various forms of disloyalty, I know the relationship isn’t for me. It’s not giving up, it’s called experience, discernment and wisdom. I don’t know about you but time becomes ever more precious with age and as a mother of two. I just don’t have the same leniency or desire to pursue relationships if they’re too much work, not out of laziness but because I know the effortless ones I have and those are the ones I seek to nurture. I seek rather to create my art and spend time in nature. It’s always been quality not quantity for me, even as the social butterfly Aquarian I am with beautiful friends sprinkled all over the world.

Take this time to not only delve into those relationships that deplete you, but ask yourself why do you endure the connection if it is so uninspiring, so tiresome? You will be enlightened with your answers but it will take great courage to find the truthful answer. This lunar eclipse antagonizes the shadow, pushes you to the door but you have to open it.

Be a warrior, warrioress. Take these hours of the lunar energy and find whatever road to peace works for you, not avoidance, not ignoring, but true uninhibited peace. You will set yourself and others free. Hold on for love, not fear, live true to your needs, asking for what you desire. Reciprocity, respect and revelations are wonderful attributes for creating or continuing any relationship, set the rest free. Begin. Again. Let. Go.