Yule or Winter Solstice is an ancient earth celebration of the rebirth of the sun. It is the shortest day and longest night of the year for the Northern hemisphere and the longest for the Southern hemisphere. On this day the sun is directly overhead along the Tropic of Capricorn. We are also celebrating a New Moon in Capricorn, which enhances the energetic power of this earth cycle. It is a day to celebrate, reminisce, cocoon in your abode or sanctuary reflecting on the year gone bye. The symbolism of the dark, meditating on the shadow of self and others and shed light by the way of fire is powerfully symbolic perhaps adding rosemary and sage to the flames inspiring healing and cleansing. To honor the earth on this day, when the sun has set, I light a fire, perform my goddess earth gratitude ritual in a sacred circle, listening to peaceful music and giving thanks and nostalgia for all that’s been since this last time of year. On a low simmer I add fresh rosemary sprigs from my garden and six cinnamon sticks to infuse my home and heart with the groundation of peace and the remembrance of the sweetness of life. A wonderful day to smudge your home and yourself gathering your beloved crystals and invoking the goddess within, giving praise for your strength, courage and triumphs and setting intentions for the New Moon and new year upon you. Blessings to you and yours…




The Gift of Sound ~ AYKANNA


“Soulful Sukhdev Jackson and Grammy-nominated percussionist Akahdahmah, partners in music and life, demonstrate love for each other and for the divine. The duo is committed to sharing each song, not merely as an artistic expression, but as a sacred healing sound current.” ~ LA Yoga

These two beautiful souls capture the essence of spirit and soul through love, making gorgeous music. You can actually feel your vibration raising and your heart center warming with every note. Visit


The Gift of Scent ~ APRIL AROMATICS


It is my passion to create beautiful smelling, botanical perfumes and to share the healing power of nature” ~ Tanja Bochnig

From her earliest childhood Tanja Bochnig had a very developed sense of smell and passion for scents, which she deepened through her work with natural essences over the years. Through her many travels around the world, where she visited foreign countries and explored different cultures – came about the deep wish to create her own perfumes to preserve all these impressions and emotions. Tanja Bochnig, believes in the power of nature and follows a holistic lifestyle. The healing power of her products is the most important aspect of her work.”  Visit

Tanja is an exquisite soul taking the utmost care and love to craft each and every scent. I promise you, you’ve never inhaled such sensual scents in your life.


The Gift of Jewels ~ DANIELA VILLEGAS


“Hand crafted pieces are all one of a kind. Drawing inspiration organically through nature, friends and family. Her daily life is a constant blur of colors, which can be seen in her designs. Villegas views life as a playground, her jewelry is as surprising and exciting as the changing nature of the world. These constant movements keep her inspired, dreaming and planning her next adventure. Her love of travel and exploration is reflected in her unique designs and distinguish who she is as a designer. Using only the finest materials: 18K gold in every color, precious and semi-precious stones mixed with natural elements: feathers, woods, porcupine quills, insects and pebbles. Villegas designs are made for the light at heart.” Visit

Daniela is a gorgeous being with a nature filled imagination capturing the beauty and fine craftsmanship of interpreting the world around her with such precision to detail. Her pieces are truly one of a kind.


The Gift of Gourmet ~ ARIELLE GOLDRATH


“Our culinary inspiration stems from our belief in a “farm to table” Philosophy. Paying close attention to mother earth we delight in the bounty of each season. Our goal is to make food that showcases the beauty of seasonal, organic, locally sourced ingredients. This allows us the opportunity to create dishes using only the very ripest, freshest & most flavorful food available to us. We believe in good food that looks good, tastes good & most importantly makes you feel good when you’re eating it. what an honor It is to be able to provide people with elegantly wholesome food, always prepared with love & good intentions. Our food allows us to share our passion with the world.” ~ Arielle Goldrath + Bekah Bourget

Arielle and Bekah are so lovely and so conscious and so kind you can literally feel the love in their food. The genuine joy and knowledge of flavor and pairing mixed with organic full bodied cuisine is nothing short of divine. A must book for your holiday party!



The Gift of Earth ~ ALEX DU TOIT


Would you like to connect with that natural balance within you? Would you like to live an abundant life in harmony with the Earth? Would you like to learn tools from nature to balance and calm your daily life? I have spent my life studying all over the world and have gained many beautiful insights that I want to share with you. I want to help you connect with your inner Earthie Mama and encourage you to make the change that will keep you happier and healthier for life while finding your own way to THRIVE!” ~ Alex Du Toit

Alex is as earth mama as earth mama gets. From her home birthing to her three amazing daughter’s to an organic homestead she and her South African husband manifested and run in Bend, Oregon they are the epitome of loving and living from the land from cycle to cycle. She has the most amazing organic product line of the purest formulas out there. My family and I (especially during the winter month’s) live daily on her Immune Support Tonic. It is the most natural powerful immunity to the nasty cold and flu and it tastes amazing. She has a fabulous informative site. Visit


The Gift of Healing ~ SHARI GEITZENAUER



“With life’s constant distractions and day to day issues there is little time for the spirit to soar. Therefore this can create a lack in the human psyche for a peaceful existence. Lost in the confusion of the mind, sometimes assistance is needed. By opening channels of light and awakening one’s truest essence brings answers and true healing into the present moment…”

In a world, a city, a town, where people claim to be ‘a healer’ no one is more true, more studied, more genuine and powerful than this woman. From a sprained ankle to a heartbreak to a child suffering from ADD her hands on healing and intuitive capabilities will blow you away. You walk in one person and leave another, filled with peace, clarity and a real sense of renewal. Do your friend a favor this holiday season and book with her. NOW. You’ll thank me later. Visit






Holiday Tree Tribe Craftiness


I’ve always loved the holidays and what makes it even more fun and memorable is being able to relive and create new arts and crafts with my little girls. Giving us a time and space to magickally connect and create from the heart.

Here is a beautiful, simple way to spend a few hours together with a collectible outcome!


First, buy some wooden popsicle holders. I opted for the ones already dyed with color, to eliminate the waiting of paint to dry. Sometimes with a toddler’s attention span or lack thereof alleviating a step can make it more fun.





Second, glue the sticks into the shape of a tree.



Next, apply clear glue and sparkle away. We also glued some decorative pom poms to enhance the tree.





Finally, purchase some yarn or twine, I love this multicolored hemp find. Tie it to the top of the tree.

photo 7


And voilà! A sweet little tribe of trees to hang and give as tokens of handmade love!