Dream a little dream this month dear Ram. You have your heart set on a love so grand, and the stars are aligning you help you manifest it. With this newly activated heart chakra the monotony of your career has you bored beyond belief. Its time to take risks in every aspect of your life.

If the stubborn you just lets go for a bit you might actually not only enjoy that blind date you’re set up on but fall in love. The word of the month is trust. Let go, take chances and trust the process this month from everything from romance to that odd desire to take a baking class. Time to change your life up and not have those heels so sanctioned to the ground.


You’re more of a chameleon than ever this month. Still waiting on accolades or criticism for a recent project has you stirring and impatient. Try acting like the Zen Buddha you force yourself to be at times in public and in private try adding more energetic overtones to every decision. Delve within the dualities of yourself and see what magic happens.

Get your DVF dress on and get ready to be the life of the party. Often the homebody, the stars have a little something different aligned for your enjoyment. Get dolled up, grab your tribe and get free!


This month you earn your archetype—the leader. You are especially important this month taking a front row seat in your life and pretty much everyone else’s. You are in the spotlight, so dress accordingly and craft a clever toast you’ll need to give.

Let’s face it; your love life could use a little love explosion. You’ve been a bit dismayed about it so work has become your new lover, which is fine temporarily but sooner rather than later deal with your dulling romance to make room or a new beginning within your current status. Sitting on the fence just doesn’t serve you any longer. Leap. It’s time.

Always the life of the party and this month isn’t any different. You will be quite social all month with usual and unusual invitations, take them all but be sure to add some down time at the end of month because your energy will be at an all time low if you don’t rest and nurture yourself.


There have been a few notable obstacles in your way as of late dear Scorpio but I’m happy to report they will all be settled soon. The key to biding your time is spending it with family and friends that evoke the softer side of you. Nostalgia is the antidote so take a trip to a place you loved as a child or watch a film that brings back beautiful memories.


You’re a busy bee this month, buzzing around from place to place traveling for work and reunions with family. Enjoy the chaos but don’t neglect your love life too much, your lover will seek more of your undivided attention soon, so get your frolics out of the way by month’s end.


Love is in the air, from friends to family to work to play. Its as if you’re cupid herself sending arrows and being the recipient. Dance the month away with lavish love and remember how good it feels because next month a few challenges are headed your way. Nothing you can’t handle but this month you’re so high next month might feel a little low.


Happy Birthday to me and all the other inspiring Aquarian’s! This month love and career are aligned. You’re on the throne with attention from all, infusing work with eccentric creativity and love with new adventures. You manifest most thoughts, so think well and enjoy the vibration of peace you’re resonating to all.


Think back sweet Pisces to those hidden wishes and dreams you keep neatly hidden. Unfold that secret stash and allow the light to shine in. This is a powerful month for you, perhaps the most powerful in all the year, so untie the hesitation and get ready for those secret wishes to come true.


Feng Shui + The Five Elements


↠ fine art photo by Anna Hape  ↞
↠ fine art photo by Anna Hape ↞

There are five elements that are used in feng shui to help create balance in your living or working environment. Water, metal, wood, fire, and earth are implemented into your home or office to ensure a holistic and harmonious atmosphere. If you look around you now, you will see that everything is made up of one or a combination of these five elements. If you notice that one element is more domineering than the rest, then it is necessary to learn how to balance it out by using another element. You can do this in one of seven ways by referring to the elements list below. You will see that each element has a correlating color, texture, sound, season, direction, smell, and shape that may be used to express it in your space. The exciting part of working with the five elements is that there are innumerable ways to introduce them into your home or office.

Because the five elements are born from nature, they have the ability to create and destroy. Understanding how these two cycles work is especially important when you are feng shui-ing a specific room that might have domineering element already present. For example, you would not want to add too much of the fire element in a bathroom because it consists of primarily the water element (toilet, shower/bath and sink), and as we know, water extinguishes fire. If you added too much fire to this type space, it would feel imbalanced and you would feel uneasy when spending time in this space. Another example is in the kitchen area, you shouldn’t add more of the fire element to this space because the stove is a large representation of this element. Too much of the fire element in a particular space causes extreme temperatures and you would be most likely feel agitated or impatient when you are working in this area. Please study the explanations below to better understand the creation and destruction cycles.

The most important thing to remember is to trust your instinct so that you feel sensually invigorated and pleased with your surroundings. Go get creative and start balancing the five elements in your space!

Cycle of Creation and Destruction:

The Cycle of Creation

  • Wood burns and creates or sustains Fire
  • Fire burns and leaves ash, which creates Earth
  • Earth applies pressure to particles, which creates Metal
  • Metal attracts moisture, which creates Water
  • Water feeds and nourishes Wood

The Cycle of Destruction

  • Wood consumes Earth
  • Earth stops Water
  • Water puts out Fire
  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal, when shaped into an ax or saw, chops down Wood


Elements Chart

Element Shape Color* Texture Direction Smell Sound Season
Fire Triangle Red Rough South Bitter Cymbals Summer
Earth Square Terra Cotta Firm Center Floral, musk, sweet Drums May, September
Metal Circle Reflective, white, gold, copper,
Smooth, slippery West Acrid Xylophone, piano Fall
Water Wavy undulating lines Black, blue Open weave North Ethereal Harp, violin Winter
Wind Rectangle Green Grainy East Minty Reeds, horns Spring
* When you see that a particular color correlates with a specific element, know that it can be any shade within that color. For example, the color red represents the fire element. Pink, mauve, and maroon are just a few examples of the shades, tones, and hues that red covers. If you wanted to add the fire element, but only subtlety, then add it by choosing a softer shade of pink and vice versa.





↠ fine art by Susan Seddon Boulet ↞


This Full Moon in Leo is beckoning us to illuminate the shadows within our friendships–to eradicate the dysfunction by way of the courageous Lion we have hidden or not so hidden within us, to set ourselves and the other free from vibrations that just doesn’t serve us and to shine on.

I lost one of my best friend’s from childhood last week. His passing was shocking and I’m still devastated and aching. I could actually feel the ripple effect of sadness from my hometown in Connecticut as it made it’s way down the coast and across to us in California. I cannot count the times he said to me ‘shine on crazy diamond’. He was a classic rock lover like me, reciting lyrics and spouting them whenever someone needed a poetic reminder of some emotion we were processing.

His death came at a poignant time in my life as I’ve been reassessing friendships here in my life fro quite some time. I’ve let a lot go—the crazy, unreasonable, the drama, dramatic, the issues, the fractured ego of those that need constant validation or coddling like a toddler having a tantrum. Even at the youngest ages I was never very good at handling any of those projections, nor would I want to be. I’ve always had a sense of how precious time is, how valuable it is and the awareness of the myriad of magical beings that do exist and that I want in my realm. Since I was young doing relentless delving into myself that I’ve always wanted to surround myself with–those bravely diving and healing from within and not those whom project their shit onto me. It’s volatile at worst and boring at best.

Danny’s passing illuminated what friendship means and has always meant to me. It is friendship with no need. Friendship without the other having to unhealthily satiate a damaged part of another. Friendship that illuminates the mind through study, discourse, debate, discussion, knowledge, wisdom, acceptance with difference, true acceptance. Not just in words or theory but shown through action and grace. Friendship with a trust of values, integrity and a moral compass that is the same no matter how different the rest we may be from each other. Friendship with laughter, tears and everything in between because that’s truth.

I feel him at peace now, and I feel me at peace now too. My way of honoring his passing is to instantly let go of any friendships that don’t fare well in my truth–heartfelt, mindful, intellectual, spiritual notions of pure intentions, healed selves and ambitious warriors and warrioresses for everything I too live for–peace, love, truth, honesty, integrity, justice, strength, laughter, knowledge, wisdom, and exchange of light.

I can hear his voice as I write this with that gorgeous devious smile saying ‘shine on crazy diamond’. I turned 38 yesterday and he’s been telling me that since I was 13 years old. I certainly won’t stop now. Danny, I will miss you forever and even in your death you gave me love, clarity, insight and strength. I love you.