You have a fine month ahead. Having said that be savvy to those whom transparency is lacking. You will be inundated with social occasions; everyone wants a piece of you but be sure it is genuine and not opportunistic on their part. When you see it, call it out gracefully and with laughter.


Ever hear of the Law of Attraction? Besides the obvious nature of how it sounds, one of the laws of attracting the very thing you want is the process of allowing. You know what you want but don’t get in your own way. You’ve put your best forth so now take a moment to receive the opportunities coming your way.

You’re more than ready for a new start. This season change promises to give you your very wish. Whatever has been stirring inside your heart and soul about the changes in your life you desire to make, now is the time. Do not doubt and do not hesitate.


The key word this moth is: focus. Create a mindful way to cancel out the noise around you and hone in on your heartfelt goal. You’ll have a keen opportunity to master this now and if you do, it will serve you for the year to come.

The last few moths have been a kind of energetic lethargy. You have grand revelations one minute then an emotional setback the next. Cut your losses, let what you need to let go of go so you can move onto a brighter future. You will feel invigorated to begin a new journey in all aspects of your life.


This month promises how to perfect the balance of giving time to yourself and others, but first you have to meditate on your wishes and dreams. It’s not like you to feel disorganized which you have been a bit, so take some time to nourish yourself and then you can give to others with ease and bliss.

As usual you’re the life of the party. This month in particular promise memorable occasions spent with your closest friends. You have a deep desire to display love and affection, which ripples into your professional life as well. Let your dear friends invigorate you.

You’ve accessed a kind of pinnacle of peace. You’ve been through the trenches to get here so bask in the harmony flowing around you now. It’s an excellent time to plan that great escape, even for a few days to carry your bliss to a new undiscovered place you’ve been longing to experience.

Love is all around. In a new relationship? It will only continue to flourish and inspire. Single? You have many admirers and don’t be surprised if a complete stranger sweeps you off your feet. A magical month with all things pertaining to love.

You’re on the cusp of a creative breakthrough in regards to both your personal and professional spheres. Not a restful month you; you will be inundated with project after project but this distraction is exactly what you need from either that break up or nagging family drama. Once you’re settled you can address the healing, now is not the time.

Your energy is frenetic this month, you’ll have creative ideas swarming and you’ll be wishing you had a staff to implement all of your needs. If you already do, that’s fantastic. If not, consider hiring an assistant or additional support to manage logistics so you can focus solely on the myriad of creative ideas flowing through your water bearer self.


An effortless month. You will be in peaceful flow, which allows others wanting one on one time with you. You are a great resource for a friend in need this month, so articulate your wisdom and your harmony will be contagious and quite healing for them.