Oooooh I love the energy of this Libra New Moon. To quote the late Wayne Dyer, “how people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.”

There has been a two-year cycle of strong energetic themes within our own personal atmospheres. They have varied in motif for all of us and I’m confident that if you reflect for a moment upon a single reoccurring theme, in an instant you can recognize yours.

Mine has been a theme of theft, both literal and symbolic. Literally, as I began writing this I received a phone call from my bank about fraudulent activity. Virgo likes to go out with a reminder. The most enraging aspect is that the majority of it has been from those that I had intimate friendships with. And yet, in particular the ones where I knew in the very instant of meeting them their disturbed truth, but denied my intuition in favor of my own genuine desire to try to connect. After all a few of them were mothers of young ones just like me so had bad could it be, right? Well, if I had known how saccharin sweet surface with a depth of darkness I knew it would be, I would have ran for the hills.

I didn’t and so unfolded a journey of karmic exchange from them and a few others that brought me into my own dark night of the soul—I became bewildered by how fractured, insecure and desperate people can become and how I allowed their shadow to seep into my light, which is my only regret. And as the miserable ones do, they convince themselves with a tribe of other lost archetypes that they’re the sane ones and we’re all lost. Except in LA they’re cloaked in yoga clothes and hide behind Namaste’s, social media, headstands and an array of addictions. And my favorite, my ultimate favorite of throwing around the term ‘truth’ when they couldn’t be further from it.

On the brighter side, this Libra New Moon is ending this gnarly dual year cycle of that theme that has been prevalent for you, for all of us. It has been a long time karmic test of sorts to see if you practice what you preach.

If you do, you may have suffered disappointments, betrayals and disloyalties, and still feel a shockwave from the emotional tsunami here and there but you’re now the phoenix rising.

If not, like these aforementioned folks I’ve crossed karmic paths with, brace yourself, as truth forgets not an address or a deception. Sit back and see the lies revealed, the harsh but necessary judgements spoken on your energetic behalf and watch as others begin to notice and out the hypocrisy. It shall be a brilliant display of breakdown and in hopes of genuine reflection, responsibility and breakthrough. But I doubt it.

The gift of any pain is in the transformation, the alchemy into wisdom. The months and moments sat in deep reflection and responsibility offer self solace and sacred serenity that is now empowering those whom honor their word, their honest self and blinding light.

My whole life I have been passionately vocal and empowered by three main convictions—feminism and the empowered light of female and called to shed that light on the shadow, merely having a yoni is not enough for sisterhood, you need to embody and behold hold a bold and refined grace and unapologetic powerful truth stemming from honest roots and sincere vulnerability to enlighten, truth—bold, simple, powerful truth (tattooed on me) and last but certainly not least, integrity.

I have had my auric ass kicked and was threatened time after time to prove to what felt like a mysterious force that I do not cower and I do not bow down to egoic bullshit. No once did I fall, did my scales of justice waver in favor of opportunism or fame or perceived masks of who I am. I honored the feminine, cast out the amateur prostitute archetype shadows, I spoke my truth however unpopular or how they, all aspects from silly girl energy to billionaire counsel tried through obvious intimidation to break me, to negotiate with my primal power. I held integrity, the kind CS Lewis talks about when he says “integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

And if I sound a bit arrogant, as they’ve accused me of, you bet you’re fucking ass I am… a little. I do believe I am better than thieves and liars and those that take their unsolved shit out on others. I’ve done the work. I continue to do the work, and I will slam, shut down, and bring down anyone that trespasses against my family or me. There is a reason there is a path less taken.

Now, the harder part is letting people trust and believe all of this offensive rhetoric all stems from love. Luckily however, I do not have desire for convincing. I am of the age and innate inherited make up that if you’re not wise or intuitive enough to see or feel my soul and know my truth, well then social etiquette and civility will be our greatest shared depth. I’m from Connecticut I’m very good at this.

I know you have your own struggle somewhere deep inside there, yes, right there, the one gnawing at you, sometimes deafening and often times in a soft persuasive whisper, and I know many of you do the work and authentically follow your bliss without perfection but with sincere ambition, and that is beautiful and that is what matters. Do not allow the darkness to dampen your light and if it happens, as it inevitably will then let the clouds come and then make a rainbow, the rest of the turbulence is merely a passage to a greater beauty if you’re strong enough to reflect, pause and remove your mask…the other side is freedom.

So let them talk and chatter and bond on broken concepts. You, as I do will sleep well at night knowing you’re teaching yourself and your children what true love, kindness and courage truly means and the value of virtuous living.




Not an easy month for you, rambunctious Ram. You’re being challenged in all aspects of your life. The struggles with your partner, which were once quiet, now resurface. You’re also being called out on the job for something that will invoke that fiery defense in you. And financially you’re in a bit of a pickle. The key is to focus on gratitude, your health and the ethereal aspects you love with all your heart.

A fruitful month for you. It’s a true harvest for you reaping the benefits of all that you have sowed in these past months. Whatever you did or didn’t put into family, friends or work will come back to you. Karma is making her rounds—gratitude for peace that comes and for any strife that appears, get deep, real and true about your role in the matter. Taking responsibility and acknowledgment is where truth and healing marry to birth wisdom.

This Zen proverb comes to mind is “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” You may have had a few months of great insights but now it is time to act, however mundane it may be or feel. You’ll need this peace because you have a wave of miscommunication en route to you. Act and you will find peace.

Hurry up and wait. You’ve been anxious and overzealous to complete that project, plan that wedding or heal that heartache. Slow and steady wins the race. You need more time to ponder whereby invoking insight and revelations into your co-creation of the issue at hand. Breathe, meditate, and repeat.

A strange time for you Leo because very unlike you, you wish to share the spotlight. You enjoy partnering romantically or professionally or both for the weeks to come for a cause close to your heart. Rally the troops and use your charming self to garner support for that worthy venture.

This month your nickname is Joaquin, the Hurricane not as in Phoenix. You’re a bit out of sorts this month, rushing through to the end without enjoying the journey. Put that Red Bull down, you need calm not caffeine. The challenge is you actually won’t be able to slow down so do the next best thing and become cognitive of your inner untidiness and just do your best. Next month, you will be given that much needed tranquility.

Oh sweet Libra, ever the practice of balancing yourself. The consummate Switzerland and at times controversial devil’s advocate–sometimes even arguing a cause out of justice rather than your belief in it. This month you are challenged to be forthright, honest and courageous in what your heart truly believes in. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Get free.

A powerful month of manifesting for you Scorpio. You have a clear vision and you’ll watch it unfold before your very eyes. You will be so energetic with your dreams coming true that you must be careful to take time to rest. They’re not going anywhere, so please do take time out, slow down, yoga it out so you don’t get burnt out for the festive holidays headed your way.

Imagine this month to be a bit like a river rapid ride. You begin excited, then you must conjure trust to enjoy it, then you get a bit frightened at your loss of control then a bit more fun, then more fear and then it’s over. This wild ride pertains to all aspects of your life but mostly your lover or the one you have secretly admire. Strange how when it ends you’ll want to do it all over again, but the wisdom now is you know what to expect.

Smooth sailing this month Cap! And in some cases literally. You feel drawn to a New England road trip along the sea or a weekend getaway to Mystic, Nantucket or Cape Cod. Do it. Your soul is yearning for a water landscape and you will feel so renewed with a change of watery scenery.

If you haven’t begun that business plan yet, begin now. You need some strong structure and clear envisioned goals to attain. It will help you manifest and will be a powerful healing distraction from a certain sadness in your life. Trust yourself, let the old go and begin anew. NOW.

You’re going to feel a bit like you’re in the Twilight Zone this month—a strange world of miscommunication is making its way towards you. The powers of logic will not work to convince a certain someone who believes that by intimidating you, you will change your mind. Stand your ground, taking control is not your innate forte but you must now.