The first half of the month offers you endless reserves of energy to manifest your dreams and goals. By the second half you’ll be a bit burnt out so do plan a quiet retreat away, some spa time or even just a massage to help heal all the effort you’ve dedicated yourself to, which by the way will pay off.

A month of fabulous flow for you. All aspects of your life are in alignment leaving you time to daydream about even loftier goals, something you haven’t had the time to do in a while. Bask in the beauty of accomplishment.

Imagine this to be the month of opposites. Everything you’d expect to flow won’t and everything you’d expect to challenge you couldn’t flow smoother. Don’t take anything for granted this month. It is a time to shake up your inner senses and ignite a new flame inside you, that place which has become a bit of complacency on your part. A bit of a disruption overall but ultimately a gift.

This month is asking you to withdraw from your routine a bit. Get comfortable with solitude for a little while so can reevaluate your soulful dreams. You’ve been at the beck and call of others and it’s time for the tables to turn and move towards honoring your truest calling.

Let’s just say this is not your most ambitious month. You’re far more interested in a lover or conceiving a new baby. Family reins the roost this month and it’s absolutely fine since you’ve been working diligently on career. Have a rest, recover with romance.

An unexpected circumstance is coming your way. The blessing is it will enliven your mundane routines, the curse; it takes you out of your comfort zone. I see the latter as a blessing too, but the question is, will you? I suggest you befriend your fear and grow wisdom from a new opportunity.

Your scales could not be more balanced and aligned, with love, peace, prosperity and enjoyment. This is an excellent month to celebrate with friends. Lavishly spend on a weekend rest or host a decadent party. It’s all about you, and what ever sparks your joy. Go all out.

You’re like an Olympian before the game begins, you’re intently fixated on your goal and know what you need to achieve it and you vacillate for a slow motion second on that very thing—winning. This is your month dear, Scorpio. Nothing can keep you from the gold now.

You feel a bit bipolar this month–gleefully accepting every social invitation and then when in attendance you’ll be longing for the comfort of solitude, sipping tea by a warm fire and a good book to cozy up to. You’re not sure exactly how you feel or why you feel so conflicted but he lesson is to be where you are. Repeat after me. “I will be where I am and enjoy my time here.”

You’re soon ready to put your professional dreams to the test. You will be pleasantly surprised with how those receive it. Don’t take yourself too seriously and in order to achieve this hang with those friends that allow you to be your silly self. This is a time of laughter and joy, not a time for too much thinking or planning; you’ve been there and done that.

The planets are in position to catapult your career and love life into greater galaxies. You’ll be the star amongst stars bringing your charisma and joy to all of those around you. Your authenticity leads to many opportunities with those that wish to be aligned with that same energy. You’re Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Phew, it’s been a bit of a rough stretch for you sweet Pisces–work, family and even possibly health related issues were holding you down. I am very happy to report the tides are a changin’. You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to bask in tranquility for a while to come. Well done, well done, now enjoy it.