December proves to be a celebratory time for you, Ram. November was a bit over the top with work and deadlines and now you’re meant to unwind and let loose. This relaxation could quickly lead to indulgent partying but don’t let that happen—January has you on the career move once again, you’ll need your rest.


It is going to be a vibrant active month for you within your career and friendships but your ever present Achilles heel–your love life, lover or spouse will once again need your full attention in order to be satisfied. You’re spread so thinly and on such a high that this aspect of your life could suffer a bit, but you know the gig you signed up for—the persistent mother archetype. So swig some champagne and if you trust enough, let them find their own way to peace and motivation for once and see what happens.


You’re in for a beautiful month of active passion; from love to your creative life it is certain to be a time of laughter and good times. You’ll see quite a few old friends, which will make you nostalgic but oh so happy as it reveals how far you’ve come. Relish in the paths you’ve chosen.


Love is in the air! Attached? Perfect! Romance abounds. Single? Meet and greets are sure to inspire a flirt or even new love. Be spontaneous–if you’ see the mistletoe you’ll know what to do, now just find the courage to kiss your dreams.


You’ll be in high demand from friends to join this party or that and why not? Have a blast! The only concern will be financial this month, something you haven’t had to concern yourself with in quite some time, and the stress may burden you so be sure to spend the holidays near to dear ones to take the edge off. And breathe; it will all sort out when you create a clear plan.


The elite organizer in you will be happy to know of all the peaceful order in all areas of your life you have occurring this month. There is beautiful balance and flow–good exhaustion from working hard on a project you love to gorgeous social gatherings and enjoying all of the holiday festivities. Enjoy the joy and tranquility!


The mantra this month is to “breathe” in the moments of intensity. You will be quite active in your work up until the last moment of your holiday break (if you even take one). So be sure to keep up momentum but take good care that all your action doesn’t lead to anxiety. Allow a friend that knows best to slow you down appropriately. Trust that it will all get done.


What goes in must come out so be sure that whatever deserved income you’ve earned doesn’t fly frivolously out the door. Get creative with cost saving this month. Instead of hosting a dinner on the town like you wanted, rather you and a friend host a holiday celebration in your home. Creativity is the key this month with work, love, and finances.


You are looking quite forward to 2016 and why shouldn’t you? You had great accomplishments this year but also need a break, so take it. You’ll wrap up this year seamlessly and if you’re wise you’ll take time to hit the slopes or sip a margarita in white hot send before January roars through.


You’re the consistent earner and with that comes all the hard work so now is the time to take the holiday and truly enjoy your friends and family. Plan something you’ve planned before or set off a new journey, which will be quite symbolic of the New Year to come. Exciting adventures await!


You are the creator of your reality, as you well know, so devise a dreamy plan and do it. You are inspired in every way now from career to love life so take time to honor each one and don’t forget to enjoy the holidays and gatherings you’ve invited to. You’re also feeling nostalgic so being around children can be a great way to relive this love of your youth.


A festive month for you and family. There has been a lot going on all around you and you must take the time now while all businesses are winding down to enjoy the relaxed atmospheres. The New Year promise to be bring forth so many of the things you’ve been working towards so enjoy the down time while it lasts.