☽◯☾FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS :: SHINE THE LIGHT :: I don’t know about you but this Full Moon felt like a tsunami coming. It seemed that every responsibility I have demanded my full attention. When I acquiesced to the fact I was overwhelmed I softened + I felt as if I were being carried by the forceful wave rather than fighting to swim in + against it. A friend recently posted a quote that resonated hard + with perfect timing (I’m paraphrasing here) : nature does not rush nor worry rather patience + trust brings each seed to its flowering. That is so powerful during this cosmic shift. I’ve been hurried + trying to manage too much at once. I have a strange relationship to time + I tribute most of that to my creativity. Art has to be inspired as does any other mundane chore so that it is born from love. So like I did, try to be an archetype of the archer, balancing your bow to aim exactly where you know you need to + spring from one joyous action to the next. Get emotion into motion + when you do clarity, satisfaction + success abound. Shine the light where the shadows fall :: photograph + art of the gorgeous @lbreggy from our recent Aquarian kindred collaboration ☽◯☾


☽◯☾NEW MOON IN TAURUS : Sensual Satisfaction :: ☽◯☾

☽◯☾NEW MOON IN TAURUS :: Sensual Satisfaction :: This a lovely lighter feel to the shifting stars + planets. A time to ground in our five senses. Be here. Now. It asks us to be thrilled with our surroundings, our homes, our sacred spaces. To take conscious time to beautify our rooms, our outdoors, ourselves. It is an exquisite indulgent time to cherish our sentimental belongings + ourselves with flowers, textures, scents, delectable foods + drink. A celebration of our time here now. Gather your closest + toast to the tangibility of life, giving thanks for all the beauty in your world, in our world. ☽◯☾feminasaga.com ☽◯☾





All should go as planned but with Mercury in retrograde expect at least one obstacle and feel badly for whomever stands in your way in advance because your impatience will get the better of you, resulting in the fiery forthrightness you need to express now. After that, smooth sailing.

What a lovely birthday month in store! All aspects of your life are flowing and you even have time to celebrate. Enjoy the fruits of your labor because next month some unexpected challenges arise. You’ve got competition, and not even your well known digging your heels in stubbornly will make this one go away without a fight.

Spend this month getting your ducks in a row. Reorganize and have a look at those aspects of your life that just don’t serve you any longer. You must disassemble to reassemble and when you do, you will emerge with focus and clarity, something you’re been needing but having ben putting off for far too long.

You’re feeling particularly social this month, escaping your cozy cavern to mingle and toast to the good occurrences of the past few months. Get up and get out, you’re in the perfect frame of mind by trusting your intuition to know when to slumber and when to soiree.

Not everything is going to go as planned in fact, it might not go at all. Take heed of this advice as a fair advanced warning so you may have time to divert your understandable frustration and anger to creation and not destruction. All is meant to be as it is and within the next month or two it will be revealed exactly why.

You’re focus is on love at the moment as it well should be. Your relationships are providing you with good vibes to help you accomplish your goals, which are seemingly mundane. This will shift to more exciting goals once you make a decision to take a risk. Do it, you’ll be ever so happy you do.

Let go of your love, meaning give it away and away like a scene from the Sound of Music, but be far more conservative with your funds. All this love you’re feeling may cause you’re spending to go overboard. Don’t. Do that and it will only cause you too much stress next month when even more social excitement abounds.

This month truly is what you make of it. Stressed? Then your circumstances will be too. Tranquil and patient? Then the energy around you will respond accordingly. You are powerful in what you are able to manifest this month, so choose the latter, consciously.

Take time to play but know when to reel it in. Don’t get carried away in vacation mode when you’re back on the job. Be exactly where you are and you’ll flourish in both work and play.

Some magic is making its way to you just be sure you’re rested and ready when it arrives. You’re extending yourself a bit too much at the moment so know when to say no.

You’re slumbering in the cocoon at the moment patiently molting into a new you. Changes are making their way to you so make love to your meditation so when they arrive you’ll be centered and powerful for the peaks and valleys that await this June.

‘Don’t worry be happy’ is your mantra this month. You’ve weathered quite an emotional storm this past year and the tides are turning towards tranquility now. Enjoy the solitude and togetherness but most of all the peace that it brings with it.