☽◯☾ FULL Moon in Aquarius ☽◯☾

☽◯☾FULL Moon in Aquarius :: Oh how I love when a Full Moon, a blue Full Moon occurs in my sun sign of Aquarius—the sign of eccentricity, the visionary, the bold whom confronts injustices to spread consciousness to the world sprinkling it with cosmic wanderlust and intrigue.

Years ago I tattooed my wrists–the left with सत्य satya, which means truth in Sanskrit and my right with the beloved mantra, one love. These two sentiments resonate the energy in which I live and thrive, fearlessly engaging in my existence to embody a deep love affair with myself and the world. I believe these two sentiments capture the essence of peace; to honor truth leads to integrity, which blossoms into trust which births love–to feel a connectedness to all of life while meditating with the magick of the mind’s eye to envision a world of togetherness.

Without self-love we cannot and will not become our purpose. We cannot live in harmony with any other if we don’t have that inner passion of acceptance for ourselves. This is no easy feat, years, lifetimes it can take to engage and marry yourself but it will happen, it is destined to happen through time and awakening.

We must stop performing and be, stop pursuing and be. Walk towards yourself, laugh with yourself, and honor every whim and daydream your spirit creates a soul spark for. That fire when ignited is the true you, the natural you—a you yearning to be relieved of other peoples opinions of you, set free from the expectations others place upon you and more importantly those you place upon yourself.

Take time during this auspicious Full Blue Moon to ask yourself who are you? Who are you REALLY? Get deep, dive in. The answer for all is l o v e. So now awake to it and begin truly being in that truth. You will know you arrived by the peace you awaken everyday to and the gratitude you fall asleep to every eve. Wait no more. Begin, the rhapsody is boundless… ☽◯☾