I love the energy of this Libra New Moon. There has been a two-year cycle of strong energetic themes within our own personal atmospheres. They have varied in motif for all of us + I’m confident that if you reflect for a moment upon a single reoccurring theme, in an instant you can recognize yours.

On the bright side, this Libra New Moon is ending this gnarly dual year cycle of that theme that has been prevalent for you, for all of us. It has been a long time karmic test of sorts to see if you practice what you preach. If you do, you may have suffered disappointments, betrayals + disloyalties, + still feel a shockwave from the emotional tsunami here + there but you’re now the phoenix rising.

If not, like these aforementioned folks I’ve crossed karmic paths with, brace yourself, as truth forgets not an address or a deception. Sit back + see the lies revealed, the harsh but necessary judgements spoken on your energetic behalf + watch as others begin to notice + out the hypocrisy. It shall be a brilliant display of breakdown + in hopes of genuine reflection, responsibility + breakthrough. But I doubt it.

The gift of any pain is in the transformation, the alchemy into wisdom. The months + moments sat in deep reflection + responsibility offer self solace + sacred serenity that is now empowering those whom honor their word, their honest self + blinding light.

I know you have your own struggle somewhere deep inside there, yes, right there, the one gnawing at you, sometimes deafening + often times in a soft persuasive whisper. Do not allow the darkness to dampen your light + if it happens, as it inevitably will then let the clouds come + then make a rainbow, the rest of the turbulence is merely a passage to a greater beauty if you’re strong enough to reflect, pause + remove your mask…the other side is freedom.

So let them talk + chatter and bond on broken concepts. You, as I do will sleep well at night knowing you’re teaching yourself + your children what true love, kindness + courage truly means + the value of virtuous living.☽◯☾