♀◯♀ Full Moon in Cancer :: Embrace Yourself ♀◯♀ 12JAN17


♀◯♀ Full Moon in Cancer :: Embrace Yourself :: Full Moons activate the most vulnerable places in our being. This moonlight powerfully shines on the shadows we would rather avoid. The gift is in the act of courageous illuminations. An idea of something we fear is often far more frightening than the reality + this revelation is the key to unlock fear, all our fears. Take your proverbial flashlight + shine white light onto those agitated, angry, desperate places of yourself + wait + watch the healing occur. The very act of facing the darkness dispels its power over us. My moon is in Cancer + I had to master this at a very young age. It creates the warrioress. I now welcome the inevitable obstacles, confrontations, shifts + changes so that I can conquer the lesson to receive the gift of courage. Accepting the ebb is a crucial piece of acquiring peace. To marinate in a negative situation + wish it were any different just keeps the suffering alive, instead awaken the sage within you that knows better + the phoenix that always rises. ↠ FEMINASAGA.COM ♀◯♀


♀ MUSE ♀

♀MONDAY MUSE :: It is perfectly natural for the future woman to feel indignant at the limitations posed upon her by her sex. The real question is not why she should reject them: the problem is rather to understand why she accepts them ~ Simone de Beauvoir || Happy Birthday to this extraordinary French Féministe ♀


☿◯☿ Moon Goddess Kuu in the making–I love her ☿◯☿

:: WURD ::

♀ I decided that 2017 will be about another year for me living subtlety, keeping my opinions to myself + acquiescing to make others feel comfortable 😝



☿◯☿ NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN :: INFINITE POSSIBILITIES :: I so love the way ambitious Capricorn ushers us out of 2016 with this last New Moon of the year. The grounded sign of supported effort for prosperous dreams coming into fruition. Capricorn is the money manifester, the prosperity propeller of the zodiac + inspires our path towards realizing our mind’s eye aspirations. Take time to build a plan, steps to see your goals laid out then go after them with all of your might. This is a powerful time to set + execute decisions that ground you in your pursuit of all you desire. Infinite possibilities await as soon as you sync your clarity with action. Live, breathe + dream your truth.☿◯☿




▲ Winter Soulstice ▲

▲ Winter Soulstice ▲ Today is the welcoming of the longest day of the year where the light + dark marry to share space in time. It is a time to tune in, slow down, meditate on all past seasons have brought to us, what we brought to them + reflect on all the wisdom gained. A time to hibernate with ourselves + loved ones in gratitude for this life, our breath, our rise + shine + our slumber. Give yourself a sacred ritual, even a short one, to be at one with yourself with closed eyes to ponder the paths you carved out, quiet your mind, put your hand to your heart + give thanks to your innate tranquility wherever you are on your journey. There is a time to rally + a time to rest. Take this symbolic season to be ever present to yourself + your kindred. Happy Holidays to you + yours + may the balance be with you. || my beautiful muse Natasha || ▲ @ngrayy



Midnight rambler
Weed smoker
Hennessy drinking fisher girl
I run
I hide
I seek that high
I know why I am here
Shiraz sipper
Tequila mixer
Sam Adam’s bottle of beer drinker
Come with me
Let’s escape this bliss
And see what heaven really is || 20APRIL1995 || beautiful muse Natasha || @ngrayy



☿◯☿ FULL MOON IN GEMINI :: This Gemini Full Moon asks us to delve into our own dualities but most, most importantly let go of any preconceived, force fed, subconsciously, un-awakened, ordinary beliefs that you were taught that you have to adhere to any one way of being. There is an art in mastering being all the spokes in the wheel without being duplicitous or worse, hypocritical. Many fail at this because they haven’t delved + can’t answer their own distorted self-saving, contradictory philosophies + questions let alone those of others and so insecurity, insincerity + untruths emerge as the cover up. The only way to garner your collective power of the many pieces of you becoming the whole, your whole, is to not only learn how to communicate with others but with yourself. The reason I’ve studied astrology for so many years + fell madly in love with it as a child is the gift it offers us as insight into ourselves + others. The twelve gorgeous archetypes + personalities we can channel or call upon when feel we need or want to empower a part of ourselves albeit a Piscean carefree day or cocooning into a Cancerian cave to reflect + retreat. That is the key, to not be at the helm or beckon call of your different selves but to be the one calling, sifting +sorting, seeking what you need. But first you must study to gain the knowledge + to know what to invoke. To know what to ask for. There is a formula. Find your way through your feelings, map out your quest, be the innovator of your internal construct, be the explorer. Own all the parts of yourself + honor them + when someone criticizes you just remember Diane Sawyer’s beautiful sentiment + truth, that “criticism is just a really bad way of making a request” so instead find yourself just making the request sans the juvenile complaint or kindly ask the other to rather maturely + kindly make the request instead of taking it personally. If those both fail well then do what this Aquarius does, garner your healthy detachment + say c’est la vie while you groove to Stevie. Either way, get free + learn to love yourselves, all of them. ☿◯☿ ↠ FEMINASAGA.COM



▲ Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson || muse :: Kiyomi || ▲ @kiyomitakahashi