NEW MOON IN PISCES :: WITHOUT A DOUBT :: Pisces the sweet sign of the zodiac has us enraptured with the delicate + decadence of life. Take time now to just be. You’ve had to energetically give a lot so far since January + it’s all been worth it but give yourself a day or two or three in the lapse of luxury. Find a quiet retreat even if it’s your home to nestle in to a kind of nesting. Slow yourself, your breath, your responsibilities + breathe in a new sense of calm. Find a way to embrace the being part of human + relax into trust. Create tranquility by just slowing down, pausing, deliberately being present. I promise it will even make you giddy. Listen to mellow music, light a fire, read a book you’ve been desiring to + release the need to do. Your calm will be contagious + others will be so enamoured by your peacefulness that by just being as natural as you’ve always wanted you’ll manifest some very special wishes.


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This is a ridiculously powerful time astrologically. The aspects occurring now are either going to make you or break you. Leo, the Lion, the Lioness, the fierce ferocious King + Queen of the land, the sign which rules the heart is in opposition to the sun sign of Aquarius, its zodiac paradox. When these two are in sync, there is no greater power or daring duo. Aquarius, the visionary, the ruler of the mind + intellect, when coupled with the trust of heart which rules Leo, this connection can literally shift + shape the world. So what’s the worry you may ask? Well, my key words were “in sync”. A lunar eclipse likes to antagonize any already existing discord by forcing us to focus on issues that need our care but we have so much fear connected to them.

There is no hiding from them now. You will be forced to ponder + confront the issues within you be it addiction, unexpressed grief or knowing full well you have been living a lie by living out of integrity. Instead of being tossed powerlessly about with a tsunami of feelings get ready, get grounded + once + for all face these fears you’ve been cleverly ignoring.

You’ve sensed just how much change will occur when confronted which is why you’ve mastered the art of avoidance. If you muster the courage from grand ‘ole Leo married with the audacity of Aqaurius it can be a wildly powerful time to heal once + for all. The eclipse will assist you in unseen ways.

However, if you continue to deny + delude yourself + think ‘oh I can quit my destructive drinking on my own’ or I can change him + he’ll finally be faithful, beware of the chaos you’re conjuring. Your intuition will weep + you will have to wait until August when inevitably more drama has ensued until another chance at redemption for the second lunar eclipse of the year arrives.

Stop pretending, face the ferociousness + delve into the quandary of questions so you can rise like the moon — strong, consistent, true + bright.