Even if I cannot attain the dreams I hold,
Even if I can’t touch them, my own that I didn’t have the fate to create, I love.
Even if I don’t know that peace so that I seek,
Even if my heart collapses and my body devoured by itself, I love.
Even if I fall short of bestowing these wisdom gifts to a majority of healing and ears and hearts,
Even if I fall and break the way of my heart from longing, I love.
Even if I follow my bliss and stand arms stretched out among the rainbows of this world,
Even if am not disciplined in the way I’ve planned so many times to be
Even if this dream too falls and fades away, I love.
Even if my heart shadows my grace and my will to carry on succumbs to a conscious unknown,
Even if my flapping wings give way and the flowers wilt, I love.
Even if my climb is too tiring to carry on,
Even I f weep more than I once did at night, alone and together, I love.
Even if my magic pardons the innate and my sense of desire is unwoven and spun, I love.
Even if my greatest fears come true, the tragedy–words filled with emotion are cut short
Even if the steps I’ve taken are known only by me, I love.
Even if my light outshines my dark and my little heart dances each day looking forward to the twilight for dawn, I love.
Even if the dark night of my soul is not a phase,
Even if my eyes are the light of life it very self, I love.
Even if all I’ve known is lost in oblivion and my mind no longer knows it’s own memories,
I love.
Even if all,
Even if nothing
Even if every color in between, I love.
And that is not painless.

  1. Hi, I find your work so inspiring. I came across this poem and it is so beautiful it made my heart sing and my eyes tear. I just wanted to let you know how touching I found it and thank you for spreading your abundant light and love with the world. Your work radiates beauty. Much love, Christina. - Christina Covington,

    • Christina~ Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am touched that it touched you. One Love ~ Dina - feminasaga,