Moon Magick


☿◯☿ NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN :: INFINITE POSSIBILITIES :: I so love the way ambitious Capricorn ushers us out of 2016 with this last New Moon of the year. The grounded sign of supported effort for prosperous dreams coming into fruition. Capricorn is the money manifester, the prosperity propeller of the zodiac + inspires our path towards realizing our mind’s eye aspirations. Take time to build a plan, steps to see your goals laid out then go after them with all of your might. This is a powerful time to set + execute decisions that ground you in your pursuit of all you desire. Infinite possibilities await as soon as you sync your clarity with action. Live, breathe + dream your truth.☿◯☿




▲ Winter Soulstice ▲

▲ Winter Soulstice ▲ Today is the welcoming of the longest day of the year where the light + dark marry to share space in time. It is a time to tune in, slow down, meditate on all past seasons have brought to us, what we brought to them + reflect on all the wisdom gained. A time to hibernate with ourselves + loved ones in gratitude for this life, our breath, our rise + shine + our slumber. Give yourself a sacred ritual, even a short one, to be at one with yourself with closed eyes to ponder the paths you carved out, quiet your mind, put your hand to your heart + give thanks to your innate tranquility wherever you are on your journey. There is a time to rally + a time to rest. Take this symbolic season to be ever present to yourself + your kindred. Happy Holidays to you + yours + may the balance be with you. || my beautiful muse Natasha || ▲ @ngrayy



☿◯☿ FULL MOON IN GEMINI :: This Gemini Full Moon asks us to delve into our own dualities but most, most importantly let go of any preconceived, force fed, subconsciously, un-awakened, ordinary beliefs that you were taught that you have to adhere to any one way of being. There is an art in mastering being all the spokes in the wheel without being duplicitous or worse, hypocritical. Many fail at this because they haven’t delved + can’t answer their own distorted self-saving, contradictory philosophies + questions let alone those of others and so insecurity, insincerity + untruths emerge as the cover up. The only way to garner your collective power of the many pieces of you becoming the whole, your whole, is to not only learn how to communicate with others but with yourself. The reason I’ve studied astrology for so many years + fell madly in love with it as a child is the gift it offers us as insight into ourselves + others. The twelve gorgeous archetypes + personalities we can channel or call upon when feel we need or want to empower a part of ourselves albeit a Piscean carefree day or cocooning into a Cancerian cave to reflect + retreat. That is the key, to not be at the helm or beckon call of your different selves but to be the one calling, sifting +sorting, seeking what you need. But first you must study to gain the knowledge + to know what to invoke. To know what to ask for. There is a formula. Find your way through your feelings, map out your quest, be the innovator of your internal construct, be the explorer. Own all the parts of yourself + honor them + when someone criticizes you just remember Diane Sawyer’s beautiful sentiment + truth, that “criticism is just a really bad way of making a request” so instead find yourself just making the request sans the juvenile complaint or kindly ask the other to rather maturely + kindly make the request instead of taking it personally. If those both fail well then do what this Aquarius does, garner your healthy detachment + say c’est la vie while you groove to Stevie. Either way, get free + learn to love yourselves, all of them. ☿◯☿ ↠ FEMINASAGA.COM



☿◯☿ NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS:: Fall in love with you life all over again. Dealing with yourself + others these past three months has been challenging but the gift is showing us how our strength grows with our courage. This New Moon offers astral opportunities to reimagine our dreams + wishes; to reignite our secret passions + when we do just watch how the universe responds. You will feel a tidal wave of support. Meditate on specifics while sitting on the earth. Get grounded in the action you need to take for your hopes to come into fruition. Be sure to use the soulful connection to travel + adventure that Sag the centaur innately embodies. Get outside + get free. Behold the hippie, gypsy, boho wanderer or wanderess in you + get grooving to a new journey towards your manifested dreams. A new year, a new you awaits. ☿◯☿ ::



☽◯☾ FULL MOON IN TAURUS ☽◯☾Oh Taurus, you stubborn bull, the archetype representing the very aspect that all of us have within us to some degree-the places within us where we just won’t budge. (I have a few, unapologetically). Marry this tenacious archetype to a Full Moon + voilà you have quite an energetic temperament. If your sun sign actually is in Taurus, then this full moon is either a blessing or a curse, depending on how much of a Bull-shitter you actually are. (See what I did there?)This powerful Full Moon asks us to stand our ground, literally + figuratively. Get on the earth. Take a hike. Get your downward facing dog deep down in the dirt. Then reflect on earthly matters, both the mysterious magick that abounds but more importantly the uncomfortable emotions + realities you’d rather avoid. This is a time to get real + realistic. Balance is everything. If you live in the ethers too much you’re groundation become tempestuous + if you’re more prone to only living in the five senses cynicism creeps in, slowly shadowing the gifts that the unseen can bring.That is the blessing of this Full Moon—the gift of granting yourself to really feel you, to indulge in an almost childlike feasting on your unpleasant but true emotions, you know the ones, that only you know, the ones you all too often cascade over in order to rush to relief instead of sensing them in their heart aching truth. Go there, + stay there for a few days. Dig out those painful parts of you deep down inside that needs healing + bring them to the surface so the light can do away with them.This is a valuable time to meditate on what your earthly experience has been + what you long for it to become. How are you with your past + your present? What has manifested as you’ve wished + what aspects haven’t that could use some tender loving care + consciousness from the heart of you? What a miraculous gift it is to be here on our magnificent earth, to share land + love with all the amazing creatures + beautiful beings we know + love. Give gratitude + thanks. Don’t forget to make three wishes, Mama Gaia is listening…↠ FEMINASAGA.COM



☽◯☾NEW MOON IN SCORPIO :: SEX, DEATH + WEALTH :: Oooh moody Scorpio with her seductive secret ways. She whom intimidates with the threat of her vicious sting but quietly longs for nothing but to be erotically satisfied through mind, body + spirit in the sanctuary of her own sacred space. This New Moon in Scorpio is begging us to cocoon + meditate on the state of our affairs—our lover or lack thereof, the spaces where symbolic deaths can take place + our relationship to wealth, abundance + prosperity. It is a time to break the illusions, come forth, come true. Carl Jung brilliantly expresses the notion of deaths that are not within the physical realm but within the energetic relationships we co-create, especially the beasts of burden ones. It’s time to make that courageous choice + let the toxic ones fade away. It can + will bring peace to all in that dynamic. Do it. Set them free. Set you free + while you’re at it ponder your potential for prosperity. Observe your laziness + procrastination, your self sabotage + fears. This is a call to action in all of these sacred aspects of our lives –love + sex, death + rebirth, wealth + work. Get down, grind into your Kundalini root + surround yourself with some of the sexiest, most beautiful people you know. Light your fire!☽◯☾FEMINASAGA.COM ☽◯☾



☾✫☽ DARK MOON LILITH :: THE ‘I’ WITHOUT EGO :: Lilith is a powerful aspect in astrology. She represents the dark side of our personality, the provocative, the antogonistic, the secret temptations we desire. She lures, she antognizes, she does not fear the forest or the jungle because she is the wolf, the lioness. Dark does not infer negative, just like the dark, hidden or BLACK Moon occurring this night, she casts her shadow that can only be seen by the light. For those lost in ego, attachment or fear she soulfully undresses you slowly revealing the truth + so her intentions can be intimidating or unrequited for those with a weak will. She is fierce, unbreakable + unapologetic as she lives + loves in the objective landscape of spirit, not the subjective ‘I’ but the wholistic whole. She can envelop the dark because she does not fear the light + without her the stars would not shine. Embrace your power, your feminine force. Forget the fear. Give gratitude for the Tao of being + make a wish this night for that secret dream you hold dear + watch it unfold in the days to come. ☾✫☽



☽◯☾FULL MOON IN PISCES ECLIPSE :: No doubt you’ve been feeling as if you have a split personality these last few days + this will continue for a few after this powerful Pisces Full Moon. I do say split because the energy of dichotomy + polarities is highly emphasized right now. It’s as if all the archetypes of yourself –mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover are all having a dialogue + you’re the observer. You’re indecisive, but care so much, you’re angry one fleeting moment than tearfully nostalgic, you love your career but loathe your job, you’re feeling coquettish than almost childlike–as if you’re standing in an ocean watching the diverse waves of self crash over you. After you realize you’re not going mad, you’ll actually embrace the uncertainty of this time + get giddy. It’s actually quite freeing to not have any egoic definition of yourself. It can be a playful time to honor all aspects of yourself. This morning, as I always do, I did a crystal tarot card mediation, followed by dropping my eldest daughter at elementary school, zipping to my youngest daughter’s Montessori for her art show, then had lunch with my lover + just danced my ass off to Morcheeba. I, in everyday life have so many diverse aspects of myself rebelliously refusing to be just one. I literally don’t know how to do that not, nor would I want to. I’m a hardcore atheist but deeply believe in spirit, I’m a passionate feminist with mad love for men, I’m the softly spoken mother then rapping my heart out to A Tribe Called Quest. I’ve always felt free in dichotomy + that what this Eclipse is asking of you–to get free. Be all that you are, every last morsel of diversity. As one of my favorite quotes is—‘darling, just fucking own it’ + when you do you’ll laugh your life away in beautiful bliss.☽◯☾



☽◯☾VIRGO NEW MOON ECLIPSE :: Virgo is the quintessential organizer. Couple that with a new moon + triple it with a solar eclipse and there is some serious order to be had in all the areas of our lives. The eclipse encompasses healing from issues from two years ago, eight or eighteen years ago. So ponder what unresolved situations occurred during those times in your lives. If you’ve been doing the inner soul searching + work you will feel vindication + freedom from what was once a thorn in your side. It’s a powerful time to assess what or whom is not serving inspirational space in your world. You’re given the support of the stars now so do what must be done to let go. It’s also an excellent time to do a kind of fall cleaning within your home. Do it as a kind of symbolic ritual releasing all the physical + energetic clutter around you. Another important aspect is the presence of Chiron, representing the wounded healer. It’s your time to flame the fire within you fearlessly eradicating the deception + betrayals you may have had. Dive in, get deep + own your ocean. Then have a toast, the dog days are over.☽◯☾