Mystical Motherhood

ૐ You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth ~ William W. Purkey ૐ



ૐ The purest thing in the world is the heart of the mother, the heart-chakra, the center of the mother. It can move the Universe. It can cause an effect beyond limitation. The heart of the mother is the greatest power of Infinity ever given to any finite being ~ Yogi Bhajan || my beautiful friend Sukhdev + her magnificent Sahej Rose || ૐ @sukhdevjackson @aykanna — with AYKANNA and Sukhdev Jackson.


♀ Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own ~ Robert A. Heinlein || my Phoenix Soleil, her happiness my wild ambition || ♀



♀My mother is a living angel; she is always protecting me with the wings of her love ~ Debasish Mridha || muse :: the gorgeous @jaimelipsky + bébé Journey || ♀ — with Jaime Lipsky.


:: ART BY MOI ::

✮ Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art ~ Andy Warhol || getting it done — finishing touches then onto goldleafing this moon goddess || ✮



♀ With the spread of conformity and image-driven superficiality, the allure of an individuated woman in full possession of herself and her powers will prove irresistible. We were born for plenitude and inner fulfillment ~ Elizabeth Prioleau ♀ @natalierowe1

♡ 88 years old, 61 years of marriage, three children, seven grandchildren, Irish immigrant, born the year of the Great Depression, lived through two major wars, held countless children while taking care of them + equally the elderly she spent her life caring for in nursing homes + hospice, the hand of a living Saint, housing gay friends of my mother + aunt who were rejected by their parents, nursed both her dying parents, buried four sisters + one brother, this hand that tickled my arm as I fell asleep for years as she took care of me + my twin brother. I had to return home on Sunday after my beautiful Nan took a major fall, fracturing her hip, breaking her left femur, shattered elbow, + broken thumb. She had high risk surgery + is recovering. She is in stage four Alzheimer’s but when I arrived at the ICU trauma center she cried hysterically when she saw me, she remembered me, a miracle really, repeatedly weeping with the words I never want to leave you. Hemingway once said, ‘Write hard and clear about what hurts’. This hurts beyond measure. I’m literally changing before my own eyes. But I am grateful that this feminist force of a woman is the matriarch of our family + that her positive presence in my life helped create me into the woman I am today. The reality of aging + mortality are so sobering, so get drunk with gratitude on the moments we have now, right now in our youth + our health…one love ♡


♡ ♀

♡ ♀ THROWBACK T :: 9 Full Moons pregnant with Phoenix Soleil with my Moon by my side || That’s the strange thing about being a mother: until you have a baby, you don’t even realize how much you were missing one ~ Jodi Picoult ♡ ♀