femina -ae f. [fēm-ee-ae] [a female, woman]
saga- ae (f) [sah-guh] wise

O N E L O V E of the Wise Woman, goddess, F E M I N A S A G A

I have the heart of Buddha,
the consciousness of Christ,
I do not know well of Muhammad but suspect his best I too contain,
I am the Hindu deities wrapped in one,
the circle of Tao, and the transformative spirit of ambitious prayer
Within me, god and goddess behold a realm of vast possibilty
I am the Reiki master and shaman soul, the native intuition and Aquarian vision
The prophet is I as well, joined by the magical intention of nature
Ancient wisdom I do possess
Born of fear and love
All that I was before I was myself,
my own living past,
my now,
my future
and me here and eternally,
I without reason or necessity leave ambivalence and apathy respectfully alone