You are about to explore all the creative aspects of myself through the years of which I have grown most passionate about–my photography, art, writings, poetry, revelations and that of being a muse.

I have compiled an evolution of these to share. They are ever manifesting as I explore the many facets of myself and the chosen medium of art I express this through.

I am quite passionate about collaboration and if you see a painting you’d like, let me know, if you have a vision of one you’d like then also let me know. If you have a need or desire to be photographed, let’s share a vision.

Same goes for my writings, poetry and revelations; to work on a project together through the written word.

If you are a photographer and have an idea of a visual story you’d like to create, reach out and perhaps we too could work together on those concepts.

Femina Saga is a virtual invitation of not only perusal but of creative possibilities; I am receptive and ready.


Raised in Greenwich Connecticut + New York City, Dina moved west to the mountains of Malibu a decade ago. She lives with her amazingly talented husband + two bébé goddesses, Sage Moon + Phoenix Soleil worshipping the moon + creating art everyday.